Widowed Persons Association of California™ (WPAC™) was organized and chartered in January 1986. Helen Krogh, our founder, was widowed in 1982. Her son always saw her in her robe. He commented, “if you are going to sit in front of the TV, at least turn it on!” Helen placed an ad in the Sacramento Bee announcing a meeting at a local library. She expected about 25 attendees, but over 100 widows/widowers showed up. For a brieftime, WPAC™ was affiliated with the National Organization, but became independent in 1986.

Recognizing a need for community outreach to widows/widowers led to the development of the Grief Recovery Programs. The programs consist of Sunday Support, a two hour meeting held every Sunday (including holidays) and a six-week Grief Recovery Workshop consisting of a speaker and then a discussion. The Workshops are held 4 time per year. In January 1987, the charter was amended to include “new” chapters throughout the State of California. The Sacramento Chapter became Chapter #1.

A training program for facilitators and speakers was formed. Peer Facilitators led the Sunday Support sessions. Workshop speakers were trained to provide specific information regarding the grief process. The topics include: Understanding Grief, Stress/Anxiety, Changing Roles and Relationships, and the “Next” Chapter. A potluck dinner concludes the sixth week.

WPAC™ sponsors a monthly no-host dinner at a neighboring restaurant, The “Newcomer’s Buffet”. Information about WPAC™ is shared and the participants are encouraged to join WPAC™. The Newcomer’s Buffet is not currently being held, but it will return to our schedule of events when the restaurant completes its renovations.

We offer a wide variety of social events every week. We install our officers at the December Christmas Dinner Dance.


Phone: (916) 972-9722

Office Hours:
M - W - F    10 am - 1 pm

Email: wpac1@sacwidowed.org

Mailing Address:
2628 El Camino Avenue Suite D-18
Sacramento, CA 95821

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Widowed Persons Association of California, Sacramento (WPAC™)


A non-profit, non-denominational community service organization dedicated to helping widowed men and women overcome grief after the loss of their spouse.

WPAC™ offers Grief Recovery Programs consisting of weekly Sunday Support, and a six-week Grief Recovery Workshop, held 4 times per year. WPAC also offers an extensive Social Activities calendar.