Chuck Beaver

When l was at work one day, my wife of 42 years had cardiac arrest. Hours later I walked in the door from our garage and found her body. At that point l felt apart emotionally. Because of the symptoms and experiences l was having, it seemed as if I was going crazy, and i had no reason left to live.

A worried friend told me how Widowed Persons Association helped her daughter’s best friend’s mother after her husband died, and she urged me to go there. At first I resisted, but after days of more urging on her part. I finally attended my first meeting of the Grief Recovery Workshop. At the that first session of that free program I realized that thinking l was going crazy was typical for a widowed person. That all volunteer organization helped me see that life was still worth living and possibly saved my life.

Chuck Beaver




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A non-profit, non-denominational community service organization dedicated to helping widowed men and women overcome grief after the loss of their spouse.

WPAC™ offers Grief Recovery Programs consisting of weekly Sunday Support, and a six-week Grief Recovery Workshop, held 4 times per year. WPAC also offers an extensive Social Activities calendar.